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The contrast between these two positions, one typically American, the other staunchly British, was exemplified by the two feminist magazines that appeared at around the same time during the s. In the UK we had Spare Rib : defiant, radical, unglossy and socialist. What these two approaches had in common, though, were the aims themselves. The reiteration of these demands may be a stark reminder of why they are still relevant.

But it is also a welcome relief for those of us who have seen feminism take on so many different and sometimes baffling guises over the decades. It was exciting. But once it had become an established discipline, feminism seemed to undergo a sea change. Political demands took second place to theory; legal and social rights were too often sidelined.

It was not just the language that had changed, though.

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All too often identity politics highlight differences rather than unity — a trap to which Steinem herself has a crisp response. The caste systems of sex and race are interdependent and can only be uprooted together.

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She attracted tsunamis of righteous abuse, but was speaking on behalf of many feminists who long for a return to the universal quest for equality. Especially as Steinem values so passionately the opportunity to debate, to listen, to be open to other views. There are still, of course, the most horrific and widespread incidences of this all over the world: honour killings, rape, genital mutilation.

But there is also no let-up in the daily — sometimes violent, sometimes milder, sometimes subtly undermining attacks on women. Over her 60 years on the road, Steinem has encountered plenty of male hatred, usually in the form of dismissiveness or ridicule. When she started out as a freelance reporter, for example, she was described as pretty.

As she became more vocal she was beautiful. Her response to such taunts? As an enthusiastic campaigner for Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson in the s, Steinem was shocked that when they were expecting a visit from the man himself, the women were confined to a room upstairs.

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In the early s female students at Harvard Law School told her of the many ways they were marginalised. Steinem details countless sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton — for wearing a blouse that revealed a sliver of cleavage; for wearing trousers because she must be hiding ugly legs — unlike Sarah Palin who must be a better politician because she wore skirts. In the UK a new generation of young women is beginning to wake up to the fact that, despite the many freedoms they enjoy, this kind of experience is routine. She was startled to be inundated with over 50, testimonies — now immortalised in her book of the same name.

The respondents range from young girls to businesswomen, politicians to mothers and grandmothers. Indeed, the internet is dangerous territory, agrees Laurie Penny in her spirited feminist polemic Unspeakable Things. And she should know.

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Vitriolic trolling of prominent women, vicious abuse, rape and murder threats are now commonplace online. One has to ask when there has ever truly been a time when abuse and violence did not take place, when women were not brutalised, when children were not taken advantage of. It may be heart-warming for us old hands to see the next wave of feminists rising up in anger, and a matter of pride that they take for granted so many of the freedoms achieved since we took to the streets 40 years ago.

They led a revolution which has changed the laws and the culture by which we now live. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. To add insult to injury there was apathy in policing and inertia in an overburdened judicial system. Lets get something very clear! To be pro-women does not mean being anti-men and no innocent man should have to suffer because of what other men over generations may have done.

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To empower one gender, you do not have to commit atrocities on or disempower another gender and you cannot tar all men with the same brush. From childhood sons have been told they cannot and should not express their inner emotions or cry while the daughters have full licence to do so, but the fact is that men are as human as women are.

To whistle at a man and consider it empowerment, yet to take a man to the cops if he whistles at you is completely lopsided.

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There is no logic or fairplay in expecting equal rights for women but not equal punishments. Men and women co-exist in society and co-exist in homes. If we wish to have respect and dignity for both genders it cannot be created by power imbalances and laws that fuel it. I was best friends with a girl, whom I have known since college. She introduced me to a guy and both of us got romantically involved.

The other day we started talking about having romantic feelings towards people and she mentioned she also has feelings for him. Now, she is upset because he is interested in me. My friend tries to pick fights with me, painting me like the bad guy. What should I do? How do you balance work and personal relationships without compromising on the other? People talking about the balancing act, and how good women are at it.

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Do you feel that people have unrealistic expectations that women are often pressurised to meet? How can I do this balancing act without overburdening myself? Remember, the pressure to outperform as a girlfriend is self-inflicted. Keep one day of the week as relationship strengthening day for boyfriend, family or friends. Those who love you will support you and not make you feel guilty. Thanking them for being understanding and caring will make them do more.