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Ancient Romans wore a type of loincloth known as a Subligaculum. Japanese men traditionally wore a breechcloth known as a fundoshi; the fundoshi is a 35 cm wide piece of fabric passed between the thighs and secured to cover the genitals. There are many ways of tying the fundoshi.

Arkoff , an entertainment lawyer , it was dedicated to releasing low-budget films packaged as double features of interest to the teenagers of the s, s, s. Nicholson and Arkoff formed ARC in Nicholson and Arkoff served as executive producers while Roger Corman and Alex Gordon were the principal film producers and, directors.

Writer Charles B. Griffith wrote many of the early films, along with Arkoff's brother-in-law, Lou Rusoff , who produced many of the films he had written. Other writers included Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont. Floyd Crosby , A. Famous for his camera work on a number of exotic documentaries and the Oscar winner, High Noon , was chief cinematographer , his innovative use of surreal color and odd lenses and angles gave AIP films a signature look.

The early rubber monster suits and miniatures of Paul Blaisdell were used in AIP's science fiction films.

Tarzan kultalaaksossa () - IMDb

The company hired Les Baxter and Ronald Stein to compose many of its film scores. AIP was the first company to use focus groups, polling American teenagers about what they would like to see and using their responses to determine titles and story content. AIP would question their exhibitors what they thought of the success of a title would have a writer create a script for it. A sequence of tasks in a typical production involved creating a great title, getting an artist such as Albert Kallis who supervised all AIP artwork from —73 to create a dynamic, eye-catching poster raising the cash, writing and casting the film.

Samuel Z. Arkoff related his tried-and-true "ARKOFF formula" for producing a successful low-budget movie years during a s talk show appearance, his ideas for a movie included: Action Revolution Killing Oratory Fantasy Fornication Later the AIP publicity department devised a strategy called "The Peter Pan Syndrome ": a a younger child will watch anything an older child will watch.

Nicholson and Samuel Z. Corman had received offers from other companies for the film, but ARC offered to advance money to enable Corman to make two other films. Corman agreed, The Fast and the Furious performed well at the box office and the company was launched. The title from the latter had come from Nicholson. Both scripts were written by Arkoff's brother-in-law Lou Rusoff, who would become the company's leading writer in its early days.

Both were made by ARC's production arm. B movies were made for the second part of a bill and received a flat rate; as television was encroaching on the B movie market and Arkoff felt it would be more profitable to make two low budget films and distribute them together on a double bill. Nicholson came up with a title for a film to support Day the World Ended, The Phantom from 10, Leagues , but lacked the money to make both films, they split the costs with film editors who wanted to get into production. The resulting double bill was successful at the box office.

It was put on a double bill with a film noir. Arkoff and Nicholson had always wanted to name their company " American International Pictures " but the name was unavailable; when the name became available, they changed over. Arkoff and Nicholson would buy films from other filmmakers as well, import films from outside America. Corman continued to be an important member of AIP, he had a big hit for the company with the science fiction film It Conquered th.

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It is home to the Grutas of Carlos Pacheco , a smaller system, as well as two subterranean rivers which have carved out tunnels in the rock; the park has outdoor pursuit attractions such as rappelling , rock climbing in Limontitla Canyon. As well as the two underground rivers to explore, it has a small botanical garden, a pool and places to camp. The park is located in the Sierra Madre del Sur in the northeast part of Guerrero state; this section of the Sierra Madre del Sur is made of rock limestone , formed under oceans millions of years ago.

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This is the well-known cave system in Mexico , popular for caving. The park is visited by about , people annually, generating an income of about 8 million pesos each year. Cacahuamilpa is one of the largest cave systems in the world, it is a "live" cave system, meaning that groundwater still filters down into it, that the formations there are still growing.

Inside the cavern system are ninety large "salons" separated by large natural rock walls and connected to one another via a central gallery. However, only about twenty of these are explored and open to the public. Most of these salons are located under a limestone mountain ridge. Borehole openings; these salons average about forty meters wide, vary in height from twenty to 81 meters. Most have names which reflect the major formations found in them such as the Goat Salon, the Throne Salon and the Cathedral Salon.

All the openings numerous rock formations growing from the floor. Tours of the open cave system run every hour and last about two hours. On the walkway to the entrance there are a couple of amate trees with their roots wound around the rocky walls of Limontitla Canyon; the entrance is a large arch about forty meters twelve meters tall. From the entrance, one descends about twenty meters to the level of the caverns; the path has a level cement walkway, there is artificial illumination on both the path and parts of the salons.

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However, since it is a live cave, the high humidity can make the trek uncomfortable for some people. At least parts of the cave system have been known for centuries, parts have been occupied since pre-Hispanic times. Excavations in the caverns have produced fragments of pottery; this area was home to the Olmec people, the Chontal tribe. In , Dominik Bilimek and Maximiliano von Habsburg made the first biospeleological visit to the cave. In one of the salons is a gravesite; the story behind this grave is that an Englishman got lost exploring the cave and died of starvation.

He was accompanied by a dog. However, no one on the outside paid any attention to the dog, so it returned to the cave to die along with its master; when the remains were found, they were buried there with a simple cross. Just beyond the entrance the cave divides into two branches; the infiltration of water into these caverns is minimal and parts are dry. For this reason, this is considered to be a fossilized cave; the stalagmites and stalactites here stopped forming hundreds of years ago.

However, a number of these formation are uncommon and some seem to defy gravity; these caves can be visited by arranging a tour separate from the tour of the Cacahuamilpa Caverns. The walls of the cavity in which it flows are up to eighty meters high, it is possible for visitors to explore this river. Rivas was born in El Texas, to a German father and Mexican mother. English was his first language.

Carlos Rivas was discovered in a bar in Mexico , he began his career in Mexican and Argentinian westerns , though his Argentinian films were filmed in Mexico. After this career highlight, he was reduced to supporting roles. In , Rivas joined Ricardo Montalban , Henry Darrow , other Latino actors in co-founding the Nosotros Foundation, a Los Angeles based organization devoted to improving the way Hispanics are depicted in entertainment and to advocating for Latinos in the movie and television industry.

Carlos Rivas on IMDb. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ERB C. R Encyclopedia. ERBzine, Volume Internet Movie Database. Retrieved 15 May Films directed by Robert Day. Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Disney version. Kreegah bundolo Tarzan yell. Tarzan radio program. Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle Jungle Lord. Akim Tarzan vs. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Fritz Leiber. Categories : films English-language films s adventure films s fantasy films fantasy novels American films American sequel films American International Pictures films Films directed by Robert Day Films set in Mexico Films shot in Mexico Tarzan films.

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YouTube Videos. Tarzan's first appearance, in the October issue of The All-Story. Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli was a likely influence on Tarzan, including his ease with non-human primates. Hoagy Carmichael —Fleming's view of James Bond. Sean Connery during the filming of Diamonds Are Forever in Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. He was also a poet, actor in theater and films, playwright and chess expert. With writers such as Robert E.

Leiber's novelette "Scylla's Daughter", featuring series protagonists Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, was the cover story for the May issue of Fantastic. Depiction of the founding myth of Mexico-Tenochtitlan from the Codex Mendoza. Cave art painting occurred about 7, years old in Baja California Peninsula.

Culturally and geographically very distinct from Mesoamerica, indigenous peoples inhabited the region since the end of the Pleistocene. Members of the Nazi German police massacre women and children during the Holocaust. Cristero rebels publicly hanged on telegraph poles in Jalisco, Mexico. The bodies often remained on the poles until the pueblo or town renounced public religious practice. A billboard serving as a reminder of one of many massacres that occurred during the civil war. President Rodrigo Duterte. A loincloth is a one-piece garment, sometimes kept in place by a belt.

It covers the genitals and, at least partially, the buttocks. A form of loincloth worn with a cape by Nezahualpilli, c. Aztec Indians wore loincloths with or without other garments.

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French Canadian of the Colonial Period wearing loincloths.. Australian Aboriginal dance group wearing loincloths made from modern materials on stage at the Nambassa festival. It was supplied to British and other Commonwealth forces under lend-lease prior to the entry of the U. Thereafter, it was used by U. A M3 going through water obstacle, Ft.

  • Trends in complex analysis, differential geometry, and mathematical physics : proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Complex Structures and Vector Fields : St. Konstantin, Bulgaria, 3-6 September 2002.
  • Tarzan and the Valley of Gold?
  • Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (1966).

Knox, Ky. Derived from the M2 half-track Car, the M3 was extensively produced, with about 15, units and more than 38, variants manufactured. The M5 personnel carrier. An Israeli modified M3 Half-track, armed with a 20 mm cannon. The Bell 47 is a single rotor single engine light helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter. Maurel was found carrying a map that leads to a legendary lost valley filled with gold. However, he has been abducted by the ruthless Augustus Venaro. Tarzan and the Valley of Gold was one of a series of Tarzan movies produced by Sy Weintraub from onwards.

Sy Weintraub had purchased the rights to the character from the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate and for a time seemed to be continuing on the tradition that had begun at MGM with Johnny Weissmuller. After the soft-headedness of the Johnny Weissmuller films, it is surprise to see such a grittily realistic Tarzan film — the image of a Tarzan wielding a machine-gun to mow down opponents for instance is quite startling.

The film was accused at the time of being an attempt to appeal to the James Bond audience. The film, produced by Sy Weintraub , written by Clair Huffaker , and directed by Robert Day , is remembered for its very James Bond -like portrayal of a tropical suited, globetrotting Tarzan. The novelisation by Fritz Leiber was the first authorised Tarzan novel by an author other than Edgar Rice Burroughs , and was officially the 25th book in the series. Augustus Vinero David Opatoshu is a wealthy international criminal known for his habit of sending explosive wristwatches or necklaces to those not in his favour.

When he hears of Ramel Manuel Padilla Jr. Prior to his murder, the head of the farmhouse summoned his old friend Tarzan to track the kidnappers and rescue the boy. Aware of Tarzan's arrival, Vinero uses one of his assassins to impersonate a taxi driver to meet Tarzan at the airport. Tarzan is driven to an ambush in an empty stadium. After the driver is killed, Tarzan kills the sniper by crushing him with a giant Coca-Cola bottle used in the stadium for advertising.

Tarzan and the Valley of Gold

The local authorities take Tarzan to the boy's wrecked compound and offer Tarzan troops, technology and weapons for his mission. Tarzan turns them down in favour of his own equipment: a chimpanzee scout called Dinky, a lion named Major, Ramel's pet leopard, his hunting knife and his uniform of a loincloth. Meanwhile, Vinero and his private army are heading for the lost city in two separate parties, one led by Vinero and the other party has Ramel. Tarzan catches up with Ramel's party, the leopard is killed and Tarzan kills Vinero's thugs. Tarzan calls Vinero on a walkie-talkie and tells him what has happened and warns Vinero not to continue, Vinero sends a helicopter which Tarzan, using a captured M Browning machine gun that he fires from the hip but misses and then a bolus of Mk 2 grenades , brings down.

Vinero had forced Sophia Renault Nancy Kovack , Vinero's mistress to stay with him but now he no longer needs her and leaves her in the bush with an explosive pendant round her neck. Tarzan finds her and removes the pendant. Ramel tells Tarzan that Sophia helped him escape. Ignoring Tarzan's warning, Vinero's army have discovered the entrance to the Valley of Gold through a cave, previously described by Ramel.

Tarzan's party arrives at the same cave. Tarzan sends the others on to warn the City's inhabitants, tracks Vinero's men in the cave entrance to the lost city and further demonstrates his expertise in weaponry by wiping out Vinero's rear guard ambush party by crushing them with stalactites hanging over them which he shoots down with a captured M Browning Automatic Rifle.

Vinero retreats to the cave entrance. Tarzan goes into the City and finds that the city people are proposing to do nothing because they are too peaceful.