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Detour (1945 film)

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Apology For Murder - Film Noir (Ann Savage) - 1945

Log in Sign up. Savage instead made a screen test with Columbia Pictures — after playing Lorna in a Reinhardt acting showcase of Odet's Golden Boy " [3] — and was offered a contract.

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The two actresses featured together in What a Woman! Although Columbia typically groomed its girls in the mold of Rita Hayworth , Savage's look echoed Ann Sheridan , although her customary blonde locks were reddened for Footlight Glamour "so that the star, Penny Singleton , would be the only blonde on screen. Although Savage and Neal did not see eye-to-eye she found him "childlike" , the duo would star together in Two Man Submarine and The Unwritten Code both , before their most famous film, the film noir Detour.

Reminiscing in the s about her career as a stalwart actress in B movies, Savage dismissed most of her roles as "mindless", saying: "The actresses were just scenery. The stories all revolved around the male actors; they really had the choice roles. All the actresses had to do was to look lovely, since the dialogue was ridiculous". Detour , she felt, was different.

The two leads underwent role reversal , with Savage's Vera blackmailing Neal's Al, in a style described by her manager Kent Adamson as "vicious and predatory Although the B-feature was shot quickly in 28 days, [4] its status has been cemented over the years. More recently, critics such as Derek Malcolm and Barry Norman have praised the film, with Norman calling Savage "sultry and sexy After Detour , although Savage starred in a half-dozen more films during the later s — including Scared Stiff , The Spider , The Dark Horse , and Satan's Cradle ; a rare Western — her most prolific years were behind her.

When Detour entered the public domain , it frequently was syndicated on television channels, and released in numerous VHS incarnations. Gaining cult status [2] and garnering critical acclaim as "arguably film noir's greatest low-budget feature", this exposure earned Savage a new, younger, following.

In , she attended a screening of Detour held as a tribute to director Edgar Ulmer [1] with Ulmer's widow Shirley. Savage drifted towards television, and found she liked the pace, featuring in showcase programs Fireside Theater , Schlitz Playhouse of the Stars , and The Ford Television Theatre between and Savage eventually started appearing in commercials and industry films before essentially withdrawing from acting in the mids.

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Savage was a popular pin-up model during World War II, including a centerfold in Esquire shot by George Hurrell , and she was a tireless seller of war bonds on two tours. The two lived in New York City from the late s until his sudden death in After her husband's death, Savage returned to Los Angeles to be near her mother, [2] and took odd jobs to finance flying lessons, becoming a licensed pilot in Savage was keen on the "preservation and celebration of all things Hollywood", becoming a volunteer and advisory board member of Hollywood Heritage.

Savage's exposure and the praise heaped on Detour led to her appearing in the film Fire with Fire and in a guest role on the television show Saved by the Bell. In , she enjoyed a comeback, [1] and rave reviews, when Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin cast her as his mother in his My Winnipeg , a "personal portrait of his hometown".