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Additional interviews were carried out with hospital administrators for clarification of fee-exemption practices.

Privatization & Equity Management Unit

All interviews were conducted in Lao and were taped. Transcript summaries were translated into English. Equity, privatization, and cost recovery in health care services. The case of Lao PDR.

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Persuading the Doubters

For more on TDR partnerships and networks. Equity, privatization, and cost recovery in health care services The case of Lao People's Democratic Republic Policy briefs.

Privatization and distributional equity: the case of Brazil | Emerald Insight

Project No. Principal Investigator C.

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  6. TDR contact Erik Blas. Email Address. The economies in transition are experiencing unique changes in the distribution of assets. The growth in the share of private ownership is occurring through the privatization of state-owned assets and through the birth of private firms.

    Equity, privatization, and cost recovery in health care services

    The changes in the property rights regime are exceptionally complicated in transitional economies. In the period of central planning the state not only possessed practically all assets, but also provided secure employment, low-priced housing and subsidies for industry. As the socialist system is replaced by private ownership and a much reduced role for the state, a completely new system of property rights must evolve, in addition to the changes in legal ownership.

    When a country is experiencing this kind of institutional change, it is obvious that the resulting distribution of wealth might sharply deteriorate, and the whole transition process could lose its social acceptability.

    The Economics of Healthcare: Crash Course Econ #29

    Income inequality and poverty have increased in all transitional economies during the past decade. A part of the growing income inequality has been induced by greater asset concentration, which has a special significance in transitional economies, in which the share of capital and entrepreneurial income is rising. The inequality problem has been particularly crucial in the early transition years, because privatization and the secondary markets of privatized assets have triggered a redistribution of assets at prices well below market value.