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Houzel eds. Eastwood - K. Tod , Local constraints on Einstein-Weyl geometries , J. Galicki , New metrics with S p n S p 1 holonomy , Nucl. B , Galicki - H. Ancona, E. Ballico and A. Silva eds.

On Riemann Spaces Conformal to Einstein Spaces - PDF Free Download

Gauduchon - K. Tod , Hyper-Hermitian metrics with symmetry , J. Gibbons - S.

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MR Jones - K. Tod , Minitwistor spaces and Einstein-Weyl spaces , Class. Quantum Grav. Joyce , Explicit construction of self-dual 4 -manifolds , Duke Math. Lebrun , Counter-example to the generalized positive action conjecture , Comm.

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LeBrun, private communication. Pedersen , Einstein metrics, spinning top motions and monopoles , Math. Pedersen - A. Swann , Einstein-Weyl geometry, the Bach tensor and conformal scalar curvature , J. Przanowski , Hermite-Einstein four-dimensional manifolds with symmetry , Class.

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  3. Conformal C‐ and Einstein Spaces.

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Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Basic Tensor Analysis 1. Riemann Manifolds 2.

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Tensor Algebra 3. Covariant Differentiation 4. Parallel Displacement in a Vn Space 5. Curvature Tensor of a Vn Space 6. Geodesies 7. Special Systems of Coordinates in Vn 8. Riemannian Curvature of Vn. Spaces of Constant Curvature 9. The Principal Axes Theorem for a Tensor Lie Groups in Vn Chapter 2. Einstein Spaces The Basis of the Special Theory of Relativity. Lorentz Transformations Field Equations in the Relativistic Theory of Gravitation General Classification of Gravitational Fields Bivector Spaces Classification of Einstein Spaces Principal Curvatures Classification of General Gravitational Fields Complex Representation of Minkowski Space Tensors Skip to main content.

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Conformal Einstein Spaces in N-Dimensions

Conformal Einstein Spaces in N-Dimensions. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Bach, R.

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