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While most of us are in a race to get the latest gadget, this guy has been creating affordable computers from scrap. Targeting the economically weaker sections of the community as customers, Mukund has created over 10, computers from scrap. Now, this is called putting skills to a better use. She goes wherever the children are and starts the class right there. How one can bring changes without cribbing about lack of resources. I guess we all can learn a thing or two from her incredible initiative. Shweta Chari started an initiative, Toybank, with a vision to place a toy in the hands of every child in India.

Having spread smiles on over 8, faces, Chari continues to do her bit to make the lives of these small kids a little better. But this duo has transformed the way paper is made. They invented a paper that is made out of elephant dung! Talk about revolutionizing the market! She started an initiatives for the children of construction workers, who are mostly ignored.

They spend their childhood in mud and dust, playing with dangerous tools, unfed and unclothed. She decided to help these kids and provide them a safe, healthy and educated childhood.

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Left on the streets when she was just a kid 60 years ago, Prakash Kaur made it the mission of her life to never let another newborn and unwanted girl child face the same fate as hers. She started the Unique Home for girls where she takes care of those girls who have been abandoned by their families. She helps these girls become healthy individuals, and arms them with all the social skills and educational qualifications that they would need to face life on their own terms.

Singh has been an inspiration to many who are following in her footsteps.

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He spent just Rs. He claims he could generate electricity for the entire village through his machine, if he could get a regular supply of water through the canal. The only obstacle is that the canal has water for only three months in a year. Siddappa is an example of how one can bring a larger change without having enough resources or education. She started a mobile library for students who could not afford to buy books.

Her initiative has not only helped the economically poor students to get access to books but has also developed a reading environment in the government school. Bal Pandian is an ordinary villager, but his extraordinary feats have made him a legend. This man loved birds ever since he was a child and as he grew older he dedicated his life to conserve the species.

When there were a large number of birds to take care of, it was very hard to arrange the big amount of Rs. We salute the man who has given more priority to these birds than to his own life and comforts.

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Coming out of the closet is indeed very challenging and difficult in this country, and when you belong to such an illustrious family, a lot more follows after the disclosure. When Shachi Singh saw a poor boy on a railway station, she decided to help all those kids who are living on streets, spending their days doing small-time odd jobs to earn their daily bread and butter.

She started an organization, Ehsaas, which caters to the needs of such children. Thanks to her hard work, Lucknow station is now free of child labour. Her efforts made the government create child-friendly booths for lost children across 72 districts of Uttar Pradesh. From rescuing these children from manual labour to helping them live a decent life, Singh has been a support system for all these children and we respect her dedication for the cause.

She is a lady full of compassion and warmth. While working in UK, an incident changed the way Dr. Patel thought and she decided to dedicate her life to treating those in need for free. She came to India and started working in Kutchh, and began her own school called Dhanvantri School for mentally and physically challenged children. This inspiring woman is helping the less privileged get an equal opportunity to study and succeed.

By helping these children experience something which they generally are deprived of, by giving them a chance to grow, Dr.

Patel has been enhancing and colouring the lives of all these children. Shri Sathyanarayan Mundayoor—Sathyanarayanji to adults and Uncle Moosa to the young—has spent 32 years in North East India influencing the education and reading movements at various levels. He quit his well-settled government job to live a more meaningful life. Keen on developing reading habits among students, he started a public library and with his regular efforts, some of the remotest villages in the North East now have over 13 such libraries.

The books are donated by well-wishers, and Uncle Moosa is single-handedly managing the initiative for a brighter future of these students. We salute this guy who dared to take education and books to the off beat locations of the country. He has been an innovator ever since he was in school. He would observe the mechanics and would try to fix broken things at his home. While he was at school, he would help engineering students finish their projects.

As a year old, he came to Bangalore from Bijapur District in Karnataka, with a laptop, a wireless router and a 1-way bus fare in All this without even having a college degree! He sets an example of how lack of resources cannot stop you if you are really passionate about your dreams. He makes sure that his passengers are comfortable.

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Snacks, water, newspaper, dustbin — this small vehicle has it all. Do you know the most amazing thing about this auto? The meter is always at zero! He greets you with a card and a note at the end of your ride. It fills our heart with love when we see people like Udaybhai, who with limited resources are trying to spread happiness and love in the country.

Basanti was married at the young of 12 and soon after the marriage her husband died. She shifted to Uttarakhand to learn knitting and weaving and became literate.

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Through her passion and dedication, she has managed to work actively in the social sector. Her love towards nature led her to start various initiatives to conserve forests and other natural resources. She engaged the community and convinced them to refrain from cutting down trees along the Kosi river in Uttarakhand. With her regular efforts she has managed to involve the forest department to contribute to her cause. She has proved that though the path is difficult, it can be achieved with dedication.

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Quite often we see incidents where the differently-abled are deprived of a good career opportunity in spite of having the appropriate qualification. Born with cerebral palsy, Avelino never let this disability come in his away. He became a certified investment consultant and started an association called DRAG to help address the issues of the disabled. He has been self-employed for over 12 years now and has over clients. We can learn a lot from this hero who has made it possible through his dedication and passion. Sanitation is one of the biggest problems of India and somehow it has always been neglected in rural India.

Atul Bhide started by constructing 10 toilets from his own money and then got the project sponsored to construct toilets more. Of all children, perhaps those of a sex worker are most ignored. Somehow their education is never taken seriously. Priti and Pravin Patkar are two amazing souls who understood the situation and decided to bring a change. The duo started an organization, Prerana, which caters to the educational needs of these children. Thanks to their help, many kids have been able to continue their studies and pursue various career options.

We salute their spirit and admire them for their immense dedication. This 66 year old man from Kasargod, Kerala went an extra mile to preserve the environment. Today, he lives in his 32 acre lush green forest which is home to many birds and animals. Not only have his efforts changed the environment around him, they have also helped to raise the water table of nearby areas. He traveled 20 kms everyday from his village to a nearby internet cafe to make education more interesting for his students. This, in spite of living on a farm and having limited access to electricity.

His website edusafar. Her organization, Prajwala, has been rehabilitating the victims after rescuing them. Shelters have been built and a factory has been opened where skills like carpentry, welding, etc.

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Through her blog she talks about the horrifying reality. Working with police and law enforcement agencies, Krishnan is making sure that no girl in the country faces this dreadful plight. Hyderabad FC unveil official logo, pay homage to the city's history. Former Kerala Blasters star Dimitar Berbatov retires. Odisha FC unveil official logo. Hero ISL starts from October 20; check out the fixtures. Videos View All Videos. Chanakya Chaudhary: Hopefully we'll be in the top four.

Anil Sharma: Odisha has great interest in sports. Gurpreet: Everyone gave everything.

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  • Ashique Kuruniyan: Will push ourselves to do our best. Abhishek Bachchan: We have faith in John's vision. Akshay Tandon: Eyes on the prize for next season. Gurpreet: Will play to our strengths. Ashique moves to Bengaluru. News View All News. Former Kerala Blasters star Dimitar Berbatov retires from professional football. Ghanaian icon Asamoah Gyan signs for the Highlanders. He is very well remembered for making the British officers apologize to him, when he went on a twenty-one days hunger strike to revolt against the ill-treatment of political leaders in jail.

    Later, he was called all over India to generate awareness amongst the masses. This young brave boy, even agreed to accompany Bhagat Singh in bomb making. Khudiram Bose is known to be as the youngest supporter of Indian freedom struggle. Bose was a lionhearted Bengali and was one the most patriotic teenagers who took complete responsibility of spreading the fire of revolution, not just all around the city and the state but also all around the nation.

    At a young age of only sixteen, Khudiram Bose had actively participated in three bombings that had killed several British officials. Three years later, he was executed and sentenced to death by the colonial government. At a very tender age of sixteen, Raj Bhalla not only revolted against the British empire but also fought for eradicating the malpractice of untouchability.