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The participation of fungi present in the environment is essential for the maintenance of these ecosystems since they promote the mineralization and solubilization of nutrients retained in the organic matter, enriching the soil with nutrients that will be reused by plants Peay et al. In Brazil, the study of conidial fungi associated to the litter decomposition process has been investigated in the Caatinga and Atlantic forest biomes, where important works have been carried out and provided species lists, new records and the description of new species as presented in Forzza et al.

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Studies have suggested the existence of approximately 16, plant species in the Amazon rainforest, among which palm trees stand out in number of plants and for the presence of some hyperdominant species Steege et al. Several studies pointed out a high fungal diversity occurring in palm trees, with some genera limited to this group of plants Hyde et al.

This conservation unit has been threatened by anthropic pressures, especially the illegal exploitation of mineral resources, logging and clandestine exploitation of wildlife resources ICMBio In each transect, five individual palm trees were randomly selected at intervals of 50 m. One sample of palm leaf litter was collected from each individual palm tree, including leaflets, petioles and rachis, and the material was stored in paper bags. Each palm tree was carefully marked for subsequent sampling.

Fifty samples from 50 palm trees were collected in each expedition July and December of , totaling samples. The palm tree species identified were: Attalea sp. To identify the species, structures of taxonomic importance, such as conidia, conidiogenous cells and conidiophores were observed and measured under a light microscope for comparison with descriptions in specialized literature.

Fungal illustrations were prepared with a compound microscope equipped with a digital camera. The statistical analyses used in this work included only the data collected in the first and second expeditions. In order to evaluate the sampling sufficiency and to estimate the richness in the study area and in the different substrates, the Chao 1, Chao 2, Jackknife 1 and 2 indices were applied, using the EstimateS 8. The richness of conidial fungi on the different substrates was compared by the Kruskal Wallis non-parametric analysis of variance Zar The tests were performed using the PAST version 3.

To evaluate the differences between species composition of the three types of substrates, a nonmetric multivariate analysis of variance was performed with 10, permutations One-way PERMANOVA using the Bray-Curtis distance and the abundance of the species per substrate as the variable Anderson In order to demonstrate the distribution of the species in the different substrates, the data were submitted to ordination by non-metric multidimensional scaling analysis NMDS: non-metric multidimensional scaling Kruskal In this study, species of conidial fungi associated with palm leaf litter belonging to 79 genera, 25 families and four classes Dothideomycetes, Eurotiomycetes, Leotiomycetes and Sordariomycetes were identified.

Among the species, 41 were genera incertae sedis Table I. At — Attalea sp. Sordariomycetes 47 was the most represented class in richness, followed by Dothideomycetes These are the largest classes among the ascomycetes described until present, including taxa that can occur in several types of environments and which play an important role in litter decomposition Hyde et al.

Members of Sordariomycetes and Dotideomycetes can degrade lignocellulosic materials and are very abundant in leaf litter YMelo et al. Chaetosphaeriaceae was the family with the highest number of species 15 , followed by Dictyosporiaceae 7 and Nectriaceae 5 Table I. Representants of these families are important biodegraders in the environment Couturier et al. The genera with the highest number of species were Dictyosporium Corda 6 , followed by Chloridium Link 4 and Zygosporium Mont. Some species from these genera Table I are widely distributed in Brazil CRIA and have already been reported in association with palm trees such as Euterpe edulis Mart.

Kunth and O. These indices estimated, respectively, the values of , , and species. In this study, 84 species were observed in leaflets with estimated richness between 96 and species. Petioles presented only 16 species estimated richness between 26 and 33 species , while 24 species were present in rachises estimated richness between 42 and 67 species.

These data demonstrate the need for more samplings, especially of petioles and rachises, which according to the estimators present greater richness than the values registered in this study, in agreement with the results presented by Yanna et al. These values can also be influenced by successional stages of the litter decomposition process, because of the variation in nutrient content during the succession Yanna and Hyde , Poll et al.

This distinct species composition between the substrates can be better visualized in the NMDS analysis Fig. Tissues of palm trees have variable contents of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin Fonseca et al. Studies conducted with the palm trees Eleiodoxa conferta Griff. Burret Pinnoi et al. Yanna et al. Only Beltrania rhombica Penz. Hughes and Zygosporium gibbum Sacc. Hughes occurred on all the substrates analyzed.

The presence of fungi on specific tissues may be related to their enzymatic capability. Fungi with cellulolytic activities are frequently associated with leaves, while fungi with ligninolytic capability are more common in woody substrates Osono and Takeda , The analysis of the occurrence of conidial fungi in palm trees showed that only Sporidesmium macrurum M. Ellis was frequently found in Arecaceae individuals.

This species is widely distributed and has been reported in eleven palm tree species in the African, Asian and American continents Yanna et al. In Brazil, its occurrence is still restricted to the Amazon biome, precisely in the palm trees E. As for the occurrence frequency in palm trees analyzed this study, Studies carried out in Brazil have shown similar results in the areas of Atlantic forest Santos et al. The high percentage of sporadic species in the studied area has been observed in other studies in palm trees and other plant species in tropical regions Yanna et al.

Factors as nutrient availability, water content, pH and anatomical peculiarities of the substrates may influence mycelial growth and affect the occurrence of fungi Santana et al. Rodrigues ; 26 species of conidial fungi in leaf litter of E.

This study presents some preliminary observations on the saprobic conidial fungi on palm trees leaf litter from biome Amazon. Further studies will add new data. Studies such as the present one endorses the importance of the conservation of these organisms, especially by providing evidence of a large number of species acting in the decomposition process in tropical forests. Hughes are new records for Brazil. We present the descriptions, information on geographical distributions, comments, and illustrations for these new records.

Figure 3 — a, b. Chaetochalara laevis. Setae, phialides and conidia, b. Chaetopsis intermedia. Conidiophore, d. Conidia, e. Detail of conidiogenous cells. Chloridium phaeosporum. Conidiophores, g. Conidia, h. Detail of phialide. Conidiogenous cells phialidic, Monteiro MG Distribution: Brazil this study , Cuba Delgado-Rodriguez et al. Chaetochalara B. This record represents the first occurrence of C.

Waterloo Biol. Conidiogenous cells monophialidic or polyphialidic, discrete, lageniform or subulate, with a collarette funnel-shaped, pale brown, Chaetopsis Grev.

Fungal diversity notes 840–928: micro-fungi associated with Pandanaceae

Chaetopsis intermedia shows similarities with C. This is the first report of this species in South America. Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, simple, erect, straight or slightly flexuous, septate, smooth, brown, paler toward the apex, Chloridium Link presents about 30 accepted species, with teleomorphs included in Chaetosphaeria Tul. Chaetosphaeriaceae, Chaetosphaeriales Seifert et al. Chloridium virescens var. Chloridium xigazense Y. The Brazilian specimens are morphologically more similar to the specimens described by Morgan-Jones et al. This species is restricted to tropical environments until present, and this is the first report for Brazil.

Hyphae unbranched, smooth, brown to dark brown. Conidiogenous cells mono- or polytretic, integrated, determinate, terminal, cylindrical, Distribution: Brazil this study , Colombia Crous et al. Helminthosporiella Hern. However, the conidiogenous cells in Corynespora are monotretic and perpendicular with conidia in chains, whereas Helminthosporium has polytretic conidiogenous, terminal and intercalary cells and solitary conidia. The analyzed material presented larger conidia than those described by Hughes [, as H.

The Brazilian specimen presented smooth conidia and striate-walls in the basal part in some conidia only. These differences observed between the conidia of the Brazilian material and the material described by Crous et al. This is the first record of this genus for Brazil and its distribution is until present limited to tropical environments.

Helminthosporiella stilbacea. Synnemata, b. Conidiogenous cells, c, d. Conidia with presence of wall-striate in the basal part arrow. Thysanophora verrucosa. Conidiophores, f. Conidiogenous cells and conidia. Zygosporium geminatum. Conidiophore, h. Conidiogenous cells monophialidic, discrete, determinate, lageniform, verrucose, pale brown or grayish brown, Distribution: Brazil this study , Cuba Mercado-Sierra et al.

Thysanophora W. Thysanophora verrucosa possesses conidiophores and warty phialides that easily distinguish it from other species of the genus that have smooth walls Mercado-Sierra et al. This is the first report for South America. Hughes , Mycological Papers 5 Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, setiform, simple, erect, straight, septate, tapered from the base toward the apex, smooth, pale brown, supporting a only vesicle laterally on a support cell above the base, Vesicular cell swollen, upwardly curved, smooth, dark brown, Conidiogenous cells monoblastic, discrete, determinate, oval to subspherical, two per vesicle, smooth, hyaline to pale brown.

Conidia solitary, ellipsoidal, unicellular, both ends rounded, verrucose with flat warts, brown, Zygosporium Mont. This is the first report of the species for Brazil and its distribution is still restricted to tropical environments. New method for non-parametric multivariate analysis of variance. Austral Ecol 26 1 : Concentration of nutrients in litter as a function of soil type, climate and forest composition in Amazon. Agr Sci Dev 2 8 : Some freshwater fungi from the Brazilian semi-arid region, including two new species of hyphomycetes.

Cryptogamie Mycol 34 3 : Field and laboratory methods for general ecology. Iowa: W. Brown Company Publishers, p. Anabahusakala, a new genus from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Mycotaxon Deuteromycotina de Cuba. Hyphomycetes III.

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