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He has been pretty good about using them but occasionally he will still find a rug to pee on. The 2 chiweenies were difficult to house train as well. They are 3 years old and still have accidents. I have Found that the chiweenies are a little bit more aggressive with strangers than what I have Seen from other Dachshunds. They are very protective of us, but they do eventually warm up to people and especially if someone were to sit on our couch, they would be right in their lap wanting their belly rubbed.

Actually, the length of the back has little to do with IVDD and back issues. IVDD is a genetic disease that is inherited from a parent. Some breeds are more prone to it than others: Dachshunds are 1 and French Bulldogs get it pretty frequently but I also know some Chihuahuas with it. As to mixed breeds, I love purebred Dachshunds but have definitely developed a love for mixes too. I think my favorites are Chiweenies and Dachshund-terrier mixes. Hey jess, loved this article and can relate to most of the points!

10 Most Spectacular Dog Friendly Beaches in America

I wondered what you take is on letting dachshunds off their leesh? But on other occasions, he looks back constantly to check I am still close by. I think he tends to run off when he recognises the route and makes to find his own way home. Even if that means running out into a busy road!!!

Fairly inconsistent behaviour.. Those that do can be extended off-leash principles. They are not humans and just learn to accept a leash if we choose. With a cliff on one side and water on the other, there are only two ways she can go — toward me or away from me. Thanks Jess.

Very informative, and I can confirm almost all of what you said. Particularly I liked that you qualified things by pointing at that not all of these apply to each Dachshund. For example, none of my three are diggers. I do believe they have barked once or twice though. Keep up the good work. Now, barkers? We just moved to a new house about 2 months ago, and my neighbors have given us a lot of latitude as far as our two dachshunds barking is concerned. But we get tired of it too.

At our old house we had high, block walls so my dogs could never see where scary noises came from, and they barked a lot. Now our new house has chain link fencing and very close houses. They barked at literally everything the first two weeks, until they made the associations of noises to things.

However, they still barked at all the neighbors, and every time they did I had to shush them. They got so good at timing the barking with how long it took me to get outside, stop barking, and resume as soon as I went back in the house. Today we got vibrating dog collars to get them to stop. It only took about 2 times and they figured it out. One of our dogs is so smart and manipulative.

He finally figured out her game and quit giving them to her. So she still bosses me around! It was actually kind of cute.

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Ah, some of these make so much sense! I think Alfie is part dachshund, and he does many of these things! I have a friend that has a Doxie mix. So many thing she does are similar. I wonder if Doxie traits are dominant? This was a great article! I started out with 1 and soon very much realized she was not going to survive being alone while i was work… even with coming home at lunch…..

Now for the record my dachshunds are not pure, their mother was a beagle and their father was a miniature dachshund. Chester survived for 8 years without another dog around. I know I can find him at the next available human hand though. I am glad your pups keep each other company. A Beagle-Dachshund mix must be interesting — both in look and temperament. I am currently on dachshund number 4. I am a vet tech so mine have all came from clinics with stories attached. All have been barkers, the current one does most of her barking in the yard at least.

All have also been landscapers, Penny Lane my current has managed to catch a couple ground squirrels with her digging. I have given up on crate pads and dog beds, instead I buy inexpensive fleece blankets or remnants at the fabric store. Beds were just being eaten too often, and they seem to like arranging and covering themselves better. I have discovered that Penny is very easily trained in the right circumstances. She steals cat food, and cleans the litter box, I know I am surprised also lol. As my cats have aged I can not have things up out of dachshund reach anymore.

I am currently using a Pawsaway Zone alarm. I have added a second base by the front door, and now people can actually get inside before the dogs demand attention. It would be a dream at my house if Chester and Gretel actually let people get in the door before they went nuts on them and demanded attention.

I have had doxies for 50 years. I cannot be happy without at least one. All of what you said is soooo true. I love the breed and have friends that have them and are the same way. My present boy is number 7 for me. I lost my little girl 2 months ago at 17 and a half. All have lived at least 13 years. I am sorry for your loss. Chester is 13 now. He seems to be going strong. Right now I have Chester and Gretel, someday it will be Gretel and another Doxie, then it will be Doxie number 3 with Doxie number 4, and so on. I recently had to put down my doxie, whom I loved with all my heart.

He was They had to put in a catheter every four hours and it took 3 adults to hold him down while they did it.

We talked, and sat in the sun for about a half an hour, when the vet assistant came out to put another catheter in him, I said NO, never again. Then I said, give him the injection. He was my third doxie and I never want another due to having to do the same thing, but I miss him so much, any suggestions? Hi Liz. How heartbreaking. As with any loss and grief, it gets better with time. Several of them swore that each time would be their last Dachshund.

Best Shock Collar for Dogs 12222 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The need for that companionship, and the hope of giving a pup a loving home, will start to outweigh your grief. When that time does come, you have several options. You can consider a Dachshund mix. IVDD is a genetic disease that is most likely to afflict Dachshunds. Although some other breeds can get it, it is less common in those breeds I would advise staying away from a french Bulldog though — I know several of those that suffer from IVDD.

You could also just go with another breed all together. I have my baby Dashound of 6 years old and now his daughter of 11 months old who looks like his twin. I am on my fourth and fifth daschounds. I have had to put down two them. Baron lived for He was very uncomfortable at the end so I put him down. I stayed with him until the end and I was the last thing he saw before he left. Schultz live to be almost He was deaf and blind when I had to put him down. They both lived great lives with lots of love. I now have Frankie and Johnny ages six and four. Take some time to grieve and perhaps you will find yourself wanting another.

I did!! I just lost my doxie of 13 years. He was there for me thru good and bad. He died at home with me. Hopefully time will help me. But I rescued another doxie from the humane society. She has heartworms and is being treated for them. Almost three months ago, I watched my dachshund drowned. I jumped into the lake where he used to swim everyday when I noticed something was wrong and he was struggling.

Unfortunately, I did not get to him on time and I saw him disappearing into the lake. His name was Leopold and he was only six and a half. The pain was unbearable. I could not stop seeing him drowning in my head and I felt super guilty. This dog was everything to me. He was only three months old when I adopted him. He plaid an essential part in my life. Without him, I feel lonely and empty.

I have another Dachshund who I deeply love too but without Leopold both of us feel lost. Corrine, that is so heartbreaking. I hope your heart is able to heal with time. My Winnie is going to be 20 years old on September 2nd. She is still active and catches anything that moves in my back yard. All my doxies have been deer stalkers and deer chasers. It seems they like to stalk deer. Winnie has even gone after a bear in the yard. The funniest is watching her try to catch Sand Hill Cranes. I keep asking her what she would do with one if she catch it!

I meant to mention cats. When she passed away we thought Pepper was going to die of a broken heart. He was so happy when we brought home Bella. She used to tease him unmercifully but he love it. Arnold, our blind 4 year old, has two cats, Bella and Lilah. He loves Lilah. I love that your Doxie loves kitties!

I think Gretel would do better than Chester.

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Some day we may just go for it and take any precautions we need to to keep the kitty safe. Who knows… it may work out better than we think. Make sure the cat s have plenty of high places where they can get away from the dogs; cat structures, catshelves etc. My aunt has always and will always have a doxie, but we figured it was spite when her doxie would pee in the house — it seemed to usually follow an episode of jealousy over something…or so we thought.

I thought it was spite with Chester for a long time too. My first Doxie Miss Weenie was extremely smart! Sometimes I would catch her in the act. She never went potty on the floor for revenge. She would hold herself until we got home to let her outside. I think it was a matter of pride for her. She was a little person in a dog suit. I lost my only child in a very tragic manner on July 15, while I was in Nicaragua on a mission trip with my Church. Christopher was only 25… I lost my beloved Miss Weenie on Dec. I love this information. I am a total daschund lover. I even take Maggy shopping at the pet store when we get her nails clipped.

They are unique. A standard dachshund breeder I know will not even consider someone without prior dachshund experience! I can understand why. A lot of rescues want Doxies to go to someone with prior experience too. I never cared for the Dachshund breed. I never thought I would want one.

But when I decided to get my recently adopted terrier mix a companion the woman at the shelter brought out a feisty little copper colored five month old Dachshund. I was hooked! She is the cutest, most lovable little creature! Now that I know more about them I am less frustrated with the housebreaking difficulties. All my tables sport chewed corners and I have thrown away many a dog bed and ruined shoes. But I love her more than anything!!!

So true. My doxie is a jack russel mix. My neighbor has jack rusell that was ruled the neighborhood court for a decade after I moved in. He was on this earth for 16 years. So I knew a bit about JR. They are fierce and colorful, like a doxie. I so agree! Especially about looking before you sit. I kind of know what you mean. While the things listed are VERY common, each dog can be so different depending on their temperament and environment.

I had trained Chester to hardly ever bark but all bets were off when Gretel came. My dog use to bark at everything. He is a mini daschund, We decided to use bark busters and within 24 hours he no longer barked at dogs or any of the other things he use to bark at. That was a year and a half ago. The training is pretty simple and easy.

My biggest question is he does not care for being in an area that is closed off by a gate by himslelf for more than 2 and a half hours to 3 hours. It is a big area so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions they have tried. Great to hear you had such success with Bark Busters.

In order to give any insight, I would need to know the behavior your dog is exhibiting after the hour mark. Is it barking? Desctructive behavior? Self harm? Jessica, thank you for the information. I am a Doxie owner and lover of 2 doxies. I brought home my first doxie 6 years ago to be companion with my black lab. They were inseparable. They totally loved each other. When my lab died, Jack was despondent and the vet put him on puppy Prozac.

After about a month I contacted my friend that bred Doxies. She had another one, so I made a 10 hour trip to pick up this second doxie. Jack went along. At first he did not like Hank, but now they are the best of friends. Jack stopped taking the Prozac after about 10 days. They are such companions to me. They make me laugh and keep me grounded on responsibility. Needless to say, Jack is a tad on the heavy side I watch his food intake and exercise closely while Hank is a tiny skinny mini. Having had big dogs all of my life, I never knew what I was missing about not having doxies.

Jack thinks that he is a big dog as he was raised with big dogs. I tell people that he thinks that he is a rottweiler!! Thank you so much for your informative blogs and fb posts. I love watching the antics of Chester and Gretel. Thanks for sharing the story about Hank and Jack. I can tell from reading all the many stories that my Ms. Gracie Mae needs a playmate.

She is home for 4 hours alone, then I come home for about 45 minutes then she is alone again for another 4 hours. She is almost 5 months old and has done a really good job of potty training. But she loves it when other dogs come to visit, well people too for that matter. She loves all the attention. Now I just need to decide if I want to take on another Doxie or if I should try a cat? The two are not any harder to take care of than one. They both sit in my chair with me easily!!

Yes, they both can get into trouble and you never know which one was the culprit!! The other thing that you would need to consider as well is the vet charges. You will have double the vet bills and heartworm medication with two. Luckily where I live, we have mobile vets that are less costly than stand alone vet clinics and this helps tremendously with the charges. Gracie Mae. Good luck!! Gabi campaigns for early dinner or better yet for moving up Apple Time. She uses Jake The Snake which must be, to my regret, the loudest squeekie toying the world.

And Gabi could campaign forever if need be because she loves apples and Quaker Rice Cake which is what we give for rewards and treats. She and Monty are our 5th and 6th Doxies. She is an Alpha and has been known to go after and hurt Monty our Kissing Fool who has never snapped or growled at anything. I was fearful if dogs until in Hawaii I met Fink. A real Dachshund Character. So our first was Fink. Fink was the starter of the Randall Dachshund Revolution. What a great article and tribute to doxies!

We had a doxie mix, and I can definitely relate to some of the behavior and health issues, as well as the quirks.

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Our Kermit had seizure issues which were really difficult to deal with, but it was so worth it. Thanks for such great information! I have found that Doxie mixes seem to display the Dachshund traits most. I hope LOTS of prospective doxie people read this! Many of the things you mention also apply to corgis. Breed research is so important. I got my first Dauchshund when I was 9 years old.

I am now 64…. That should be 22 on your list of things to know. Dauchshunds own you, you do not own your Dauchshund! I have lived with all shapes, sizes, and coats, with the exception of the wirehair. Rose was my digger. I sware I think that hole went all the way to China! My current Furbaby, Magnolia Honeychille, a. Honey, is my barker!! She can be heard in the heavens…and it really does sound like a soprano Doberman making that obnoxious, ferocious racket.

I live in a condominium. Talullah was also a longhair. These Doxies are much more sensitive than their smooth coat cousins. Dauchshunds cannot be housebroken…ever.. Chester was my first dog as an adult. Not only did I have to adjust to the personality and neediness of a dog compared to a cat, I had to deal with a Dachshund! He would chew everything and was always pestering me. I really had to change how I did everything to cater to him. They were pretty awesome! And so fit. Scout is half Dachshund and half Chihuahua.

This list sounds just like him. Needy, stubborn, silly, cuddly, loud, hates walks in the rain and being alone, loves to dig in our flower bed and lawn, and can never get enough to eat. He is my mini watchdog, every squirrel, neighbor, loud truck or other dog that passes our house he lets me know about in such a way that each time I thought for sure someone was actually breaking into our house.

He has a lot of energy, sometimes he will go upstairs and I will hear him racing back and forth down the hallway and back, crashing into the blinds on our sliding glass door. He does that for several minutes and then he comes back downstairs and hops up on the couch and takes a nap. So silly. He makes me smile and laugh every day. Chiweenies are super cute!

I can picture him running back and forth chasing birdies on the other side of the window. One time I thought it would be a good idea to put a bench under our large livingroom window so Chester and Gretel could see out. That lasted about 30 minutes. I wish there was a way to keep him from being able to see outside sometimes.

Oh and the harness issue. We finally got a great fitting one for him on the third try. Great info on these dogs. She thinks they are so adorable, but being so small it would be hard to have them in the yard and stuff as they could get out so easily. Maybe one day when she is really old she will get one. You definitely need a fence that touches the ground with no gaps with a Dachshund. Oh yes, doxies are hunters! This did not sink in when I got my first doxie Penny until I took her out to the stable…. I was mortified, the stable owner was mad, and Penny was very pleased with herself!

Like you I knew nothing about Dachshunds only adopting Dolly because she was so cute. Dolly potty trained in no time and has never had a mishap in the house. She can hold it forever which is probably related to the one about being picky about the weather. Yes, I just saw this post on your last email and realized I never saw it before! Great article! The comments were very interesting, as well, although it makes me sad when people cross Dachshunds with other breeds.

Breeders in Germany would have a heart attack. I grew up with these dogs, my mother bred them and they are wonderful dogs. They do tend to chase cats, but have never injured or killed one, and they kill the rats in the barn that are too huge and nasty for the cats. The kind that will try and attack you if you attempt to get them out of a grain bin.

I wish the government would fund an education program that teaches dog care, psychology, etc. They are such a wonderful breed, and in my humble opinion, only the Border Collie is smarter. He loves water though — absolutely fascinated by it. He has no qualms about going out in the rain. Could not agree with you more. A Dachshund is a life companion. I just buried mine in January after 18 glorious years.

Fritzy was my true best friend and constant companion when I was home. Very protective of me, but I admired him because of it. And a great judge of character of people. I always looked at him when we met someone on a walk or they came over. If he walked away and came and sat by me, a flag went up as to what they were after or about.

And he was never wrong. I miss him and his antics and love daily. My little boy. I am sorry you lost your Fritzy. He turns on the sad face and does the little doxie wine and I cave in with many things. Jayne does get along with my cats, it may help the boy is a huge Snowshoe Siamese mix almost 20 lbs. I have just gotten my second Dachshund — my adorable little Daxan, who was the light of my life — I sadly had to put down a month ago. He had a heart murmur which we discovered on a check up when he was about 10 years old. The night he passed he came to look for me and was breathing very heavily with a chest that looked like his poor little heart was going to pop right out of it.

His eyes were telling me it was time for him to go. I remember sitting on the bed I am a grown man of nearly 40 crying my eyes out next to him and he just kept nodding his little head with the most loving stare I had ever seen him give me. He truly was the most lovable and loyal of dogs and I cherish the 12 years we got to spend together. Putting him down that night was the hardest thing I have ever done in this life but I am thankful it was quick and painless. We have adopted another little one from the shelter a boy called Jack who is 2 years old and he is just as cute, just as lovable and just energetic as Daxan was.

We plan on adopting Jack a new Dachshund friend from the shelter in the coming months as these dogs definitely need to be in pairs for company. Honestly I could not imagine a life without a Dachshund in it. Daxan and now Jack have made sure of that. I know how heartbreaking it can be. I loved this! We have a German shepherd and she bosses him around. Wonderful article! Being hounds, nothing is better to them than getting fun exercise! I have always been a cat person.

But my kids begged me to get a dog when they were little. They are grown now. I have owned two dogs before I got my doxie. One I inherited from a sister, and the other one I got as the last puppy from a litter, both spaniel mixes. One passed and I could see having just one dog is hard on the dog, They seem much happier when there is two of them.

After a few months I started to look for a 2nd dog. He was saved from the gas chamber in a different county by a lovely lady who ran a pet rescue from her home. When I saw that face in the photo, I was smitten. Shane and Rodney ride around the suburb of Glebe.

Shane and Rodney ride around in the suburb of Tempe. With special guest Ray Badran. Featuring urban myths, a bank-robbing dog and removalists. Spokey Blokeys The podcast on push bikes. A different suburb every episode with comedians Rodney Todd and Shane Matheson. Shane and Rodney ride around in the suburb of Engadine. Write us a review! Please subscribe, share, rate and review us. Rodney and Shane ride around the suburb of Summer Hill. With special guest - Greta Lee Jackson. Episode 75 - Five Dock. Shane and Rodney ride around in Five Dock.

Episode 74 - Canterbury. Episode 73 - Chippendale. Episode 72 - Mosman. Episode 71 - Narrabeen. Episode 70 - Rosebery. Episode 69 - Breakfast Point. Episode 68 - Watsons Bay. Episode 67 - Ashfield. Episode 66 - Rydalmere. Episode 65 - Rozelle. Episode 64 - Lakemba. Subscribe somewhere and share if you may. Episode 63 - Lewisham. Episode 62 - Sydney CBD. Episode 61 - Katoomba. Episode 60 - Drummoyne. Episode 59 - Paddington. Episode 58 - Alexandria. Episode 57 - Maroubra. Episode 56 - Petersham. Shane and Rodney ride around in Petersham. Episode 55 - Kirribilli. Episode 54 - The Rocks.

Episode 53 - St Peters. Episode 52 - Leichhardt. Episode 51 - Epping. Episode 50 - Canberra. Episode 49 - Banksia. Episode 48 - Pyrmont. Episode 47 - Bardwell Valley. Episode 46 - Chester Hill. Episode 45 - Beverly Hills. Episode 44 - Dulwich Hill. Episode 43 - Surry Hills. Rodney and Shane ride around Surry Hills. Episode 42 - Prahran. Episode 41 - Moonee Ponds.

Episode 40 - Collingwood. Episode 39 - Cockatoo Island. Episode 38 - Sylvania Waters. Direct download: EpisodeSylvania-Waters. Episode 37 - Kings Cross. Shane and Rodney ride around in the locked out suburb of Kings Cross. Live shows coming up www. Episode 36 - Parramatta. Episode 35 - Randwick. Episode 34 - Croydon. Episode 33 - Blacktown. Episode 32 - Woy Woy. Episode 31 - Newcastle. Episode 30 - Redfern. Rodney and Shane ride around the inner city suburb of Redfern. Refer to www. McAllister - see Cook et al.

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