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Told from both their perspectives, you really understand where both are coming from, how both their pasts continue to affect their lives in the present and how neither can admit their true feelings. Their professional roles as boss and personal assistant are the masks behind which they both hide, self-conscious of their separate personal situations — yet their caring attitudes towards each other show through.

Both are troubled by their feelings for the other, not wanting to surrender to the possibility of rejection.

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She had always been aware of Nate attractiveness, but because of his past — and her own — she had never allowed it to impact on her. It had to be Jenni, but she deserved love, deserved a man who could give her his whole heart.

Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother

Not someone like him. A man whose heart was buried with another woman in a cold and lonely grave.

Nate had forfeited all rights to fall in love again the night he had failed Cerys. The costumes were slight of hand and really quite as magical as the subject matter and the sets of enchanted forest and glistening palace alike. An opulent musical with expert staging that just suffers from some lukewarm storytelling. I have no clue.

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Youtube has been no help. Anne and Gilbert:. This is a musical that has become a staple in Charlottetown and Summerside during the summer: a sort of continuation of the favourite Anne of GG Musical which I am not afraid to admit I loathe. This is a far more mature piece and actually a pretty close adaptation of Anne of the Island.

Mishawaka Catholic School Theatre 3 Play-"Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother"

While the first act was a bit scattered, I found things really tightened in the second when Anne and Gil, Moody and Josie end up at Redmond. Here, Anne meets the equally luminous and flirtatious Philippa and her upper class beau Royal Gardner. All while Gil sits on the sidelines, hoping Anne finally catches up to him.